August 10, 2022  

The Praxiis team has been delivering high value services to clients for almost 20 years. Our clients benefit immediately from the knowledge and wisdom that comes from our experiences, training and successes.

advises and assists 21st century business owners as they confront the unique challenges of preserving and creating value in their companies in the face of an aging population, sophisticated and demanding customers, complex regulation, and a demanding economy.
Our mission is to help private and corporate business owners create strategies for high performance & competitive dominance, drive value growth, and when ready devise and execute the most profitable exit through a predetermined succession plan or sale of the business.

We do this by providing practical and timely advice that can help business owners and stakeholders meet their business challenges and objectives -- not idyllic textbook exercises that are difficult, if not impossible, to apply to their business.
provides effective solutions for private and corporate business owners to drive value growth, devise succession strategies and exit plans, successfully grow healthy companies, and fix troubled ones. We have a substantial track record of success for clients, and additionally offer specialized services in homeland security, government contracts, intellectual property and creation of strategic alliances, areas that have proven to be effective for creating sustainable advantage and lasting value for many firms.
With our predecessor, Strategic Corporate Services, Inc. (e.1988), we have helped our clients devise solutions to overcome and profit from complex business challenges and problems for almost 20 years. Our offices are located in Western New York and our services are delivered nationally.
professionals possess academic credentials from leading institutions and professional organizations, including B.S. Business,Management & Economics, Finance, Master of Business Administration, Ph.D. in various disciplines, and Juris Doctor. Professional certifications include Certified Business Counselor, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Business Appraiser, Certified in Mergers & Acquisitions, Certified Turnaround Professional, Certified Protection Professional, Certified Public Accountant and various NASD security licenses (held by individuals within the firm).
As a team, we are committed to continuous learning, and enhancing our skills and abilities to better serve our clients.
The information on this site will provide some of the answers to your questions. However, one of our professional advisors is always available to discuss your situation in more detail, and in confidence. We welcome your call.

James W. Cornell, President


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