August 10, 2022  

State-of-the-art techniques and experience tested tools enable us to rapidly diagnose challenges and create effective and profitable strategies for our clients.


There is no "one size fits all" approach that will develop effective strategies that truly add value for any business. Yet, there are many structural areas and facts that are common to all businesses that must be examined to provide the starting point analysis upon which successful planning and implementation is built.

The proprietary Business Value Drivers Analysis tm is designed to objectively assess how every important aspect of your business is performing and determine the areas that drive the creation of business value. A Certified Advisor leads you through a rigorous process that results in you knowing where your business stands today, what needs to be done to improve key value drivers, where to invest your resources, when you will be able to realize the value necessary to make your exit strategy become a reality, how you will convert the wealth represented by the value of the business to investment dollars, what investment alternatives exist to meet your planning objectives, and support your lifestyle choices.

During our initial meeting, your Certified Advisor will show you how the   Business Value Drivers Analysis tm works to make your Succession Strategy & Exit Plan a powerful written tool for you to drive business value, and achieve the results you decide are important and necessary for your future. Then, working with you every step of the way, we will begin collecting essential facts and information that will allow us to construct a profile of the firm, its personnel, history, assets, operations and performance. Armed with these facts, our home office team of Analysts and Staff Certified Advisors will compile the details, investigate industry trends and performance norms, develop a basic valuation model and conclusion of value, and determine the key value drivers within your business that will have the most impact on what your business is worth to a third party investor.

We help our clients analyze their business by taking a 360 degree look at all facets of the business and compare it with the processes and performance of other firms in their area of specialty.

We work closely with the principals of a company to help them craft a strategy for improvement and growth that, most importantly, considers their personal objectives for the business including a solid, realistic exit strategy.  We also can assist equity holders in personal wealth planning with the services of our Certified Financial Planner affiliates.

Please contact us for more information or a personal follow-up with one of our Advisors.


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