June 27, 2019  


Nicholas P. Cushner Ph.D.
Director - Praxiis Publishing

Nicholas P Cushner

Nicholas P. Cushner holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of London. He is the author of seven scholarly books, two contemporary novels and over 50 articles and book reviews. Dr. Cushner is a Fulbright Scholar and has traveled extensively to lecture on historical topics, literature and society and the effects of culture on business. He has been a professor at SUNY Empire State College for over 21 years.


Dr. Cushner leads the Praxiis Publishing Division, providing guidance and direction for the development of training programs, seminar and workshop based coursework, E-publishing, print publishing and digital publishing-on-demand, and support for the development of firm and client marketing collateral. His areas of specialty include Training Programs and Support Material, Arts, Corporate Communications, Textbooks, Fiction and Non-fiction works.


Praxiis Publishing Division staff including Dr. Cushner provides three primary levels of publishing support. Copyediting is offered to aide in correcting grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and making sure manuscripts are consistent and accurate. Substantive Editing is delivered when Praxiis staff makes significant changes to a manuscript, such as rewriting and reorganizing a text.


Publishing Management / Project Editing sees a project through from start to finish. Editorial processes are coordinated and supervised, and when necessary additional copy editors, proofreaders, indexers and other editorial workers are recruited and assigned. The accountabilities of this function include graphic editing, presentation, overall design, coordination with publishing resources, and assuring completion of finished works on a timely and cost effective basis. Dr. Cushner maintains active participation and oversight in these efforts.


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