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Exit Planning & Succession Strategy
"Coming of Age, Inc." - December 15, 2005 by Comingofage.com
Baby Boomers Are Turning 50 At An Astonishing rate Of One Every 7 To 10 Seconds. That's More Than 12,000 Each Day And Over 4 Million A Year For Each Of The Next 18 Years!
"14 Steps to Succesful Exit Planning " - June 17, 2008
These 14 steps will guide you to a successful exit from your business!
M&A Broker Dealer Research
"M&A Broker Dealer Reform" - March 10, 2005
This is one of the most comprehensive works we have seen on this topic, and discusses the state of SEC reform to create a new license standard for M&A advisors and others involved in small business capital activities. A MUST READ FOR AMAA MEMBERS!
"ABA-Soquist Letter on M&A B/D " - June 8, 2005 by ABA Task Force
This is a must read for all M&A professionals. After exhaustive work by this ABA task force, a recommendation is being made to establish specific standards and a license class for professionals engaged in small business capital formation, including M&A professionals. The report surfaces the conclusion that the vast majorty of M&A practitioners are not in compliance with the law, and that a solution should be provided by SEC staff to enable compliance without requiring registering practitioners to disclose past transaction activity. After much discussion, research and activism within our industry, it seems that the day of licensure and standards may be at hand. Note that one of the members of the ABA committee is Hugh Makens, a speaker at the AMAA summer conference. I encourage everyone to download and read this report, and to attend the summer session to hear Mr. Makens comments - they could well be pivotal to the future for practitioners. 
Business Acquisitions, Sales & Succession
"Alliance of Merger & Acquistion Advisors" - December 14, 2004 by AMAA
The Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors is the pre-eminent mid-market association of M&A professionals.
"Licensure for M&A Professionals" - December 21, 2004 by James Cornell, AMAA Task Force Chair
An article with an overview of the licensure and compliance environment for professionals performing M&A work.
"Catch the Wave in 2005" - December 22, 2004 by Todd D. Peter
Timing Issues in Selling a Company. Market conditions as we enter 2005 are extremely favorable to a Seller and the next couple of years may prove to be a peak in pricing for mid-market companies........
"Noncompete Pact Hits Georgia Roadblock" - April 18, 2005 by Molly McDonough
State-based statutes are no longer appropriate. Companies, he says, can’t expect to operate in an environment in which their former employees can break contracts simply by changing ZIP codes.
"When distance is no object" - November 24, 2003
As employee turnover rises and technology improves, companies must rethink
competition clauses.
Business & Marketing Planning
"Analyze Your Business Plan" - December 4, 2004 by IBIS
Comprehensive questionnaire has been designed for companies in their first or second
year of operation. Useful for any business as a checklist to make sure that you have addressed all of the elements required for a good plan.
"Build a Strong Business Plan, Section by Section" - December 4, 2004 by INC Magazine
Detailed information about all the sections of a business plan and what they should contain.
"Business Plan Resources" - December 4, 2004 by About.com
Links to many excellent resources for business plan development
"SBA Business Plan Info" - December 4, 2004 by SBA
The SBA site business plan info. There's an outline as well as a downloadable or viewable tutorial for plan development
"Cash Flow Spreadsheets" - December 4, 2004 by Michigan Small Biz & Technology Center
Underlying your narrative plan documents are the financials. The financial picture is your ultimate reality check – can your business dream generate income and achieve your financial goals? Several cash analysis spreadsheets are included for your use – from blank forms for your input to examples of completed financial plan documents.
"5 Business Plan Mistakes: How to Avoid Them" - December 4, 2004 by Paul Broni
If you are preparing to raise capital from either an investor or a bank, you’re probably writing a business plan. Here are five of the most common mistakes
"Business Mini-Plan and Assessment Tool" - December 4, 2004 by Wall Street Journal
Create a mini business plan free online. Test your assumptions and start documenting your ideas for your new business. The MiniPlan guides you through creating the basics of a business plan
"Sample Business Plans and Resources" - December 4, 2004 by BPlans
Excellent collection of many sample business plans for products, services, start-up and established businesses, home businesses, click and mortar, non-profits, and more.
"MOOT Competition Sample Business Plans" - December 4, 2004 by MOOT Corp - Businessweek
The MOOT CORP® Competition simulates entrepreneurs asking investors for funding. MBAs from the best business schools in the world present their business plans to panels of investors. The investors then choose the best new venture. Great sample plans
"Free Sample Business Plans" - December 4, 2004 by Bulletproof Business Plans
This sample plan provides guidance for preparing the cover sheet, executive summary, and information on the enterprise, market, operations, organization, key risks and time lines, and financials.
"Virtual Business Plan" - December 4, 2004 by BizPlanIt
Virtual Business Plan - a unique and free online resource that mirrors the major sections of a business plan and provides insight into the fundamentals of writing an effective business plan for your company.
Performance Improvement & Value Growth
"Lean management from the UK" - December 4, 2004 by UK
"Fit for the Future: Six Steps to Improving Productivity" - December 5, 2004 by Business Improvement Network
Six articles summarizes six steps to productivity improvement
"Strategies For Growth" - December 5, 2004 by Bain & Company
Good article on the perils of corporate growth.
"Alliance for Corporate Wealth" - December 14, 2004 by Michael Nall

Resource and Development center for maximizing business value and personal wealth.

Government Contracting - General Information
"Selling to the Federal Government" - December 4, 2004 by SBA Site
Selling goods and services to the government can be interesting and lucrative work. However, to get started in government contracting, you have to learn the basics.
"Acquisition Net " - December 4, 2004 by ACQNet
Federal government's site for resouces related to  acquisition and procurement -- regulations, virtual library, business opportunities, standards, and more.
"Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System" - December 4, 2004 by ASSIST Quick Search
Direct access to 100,000+ full text DoD Specifications and Standards available in the DoD master repository.
"Government Contracting Basics" - December 4, 2004 by AMEX Open
There is a lot of detail work involved in preparing a bid or proposal for the federal government. Because government contracts must meet specific legal criteria, bids must be filled out flawlessly. Submitting a form with a set of numbers missing, or sending it to the wrong agency may end your chances for winning a potentially lucrative contract
"Central Contractor Registion" - December 4, 2004 by CCR Site
To do business with the Department of Defense, you must register with CCR. Registration can be done online at this site. An easy-to-follow handbook as well as other useful links and information can be found here.
"General Services Administration " - December 4, 2004 by GSA Site
"Federal Acquisition Regulations" - December 4, 2004 by FAR
"DOD Procurement Stats and Reports" - December 4, 2004 by Directorate for Information Operations and Reports
"Electronic Commerce Homepage" - December 4, 2004 by EStrategy
Electronic Commerce (EC) is becoming the preferred way of doing business with government. Over the next several years, Federal agencies will buy and pay for most products and services electronically. This page contains links to Federal EC websites and EC topics.
"Federal Business Oppportunities" - December 4, 2004 by FedBizOps
Single source for federal government procurement opportunities that exceed $25,000. If you are interested in bidding on government contracts, you can sign up to automatically receive procurement information. You can also search procurements by solicitation number, date, classification code, and agency for both active or archived solicitations.
"Federal Prime Contractors by State" - December 4, 2004 by SBA
An overall and state-by-state listing of firms serving as prime contractors to the government.
"Federal Procurement Data System" - December 4, 2004 by FPDS
Statistical data about U.S. Government Executive Branch procurement contract transactions. Downloadable reports contain approximately 50 data elements including agency identification, broad category of what was purchased, dollar obligation, principal place of performance, and contractor identification for contracts exceeding $25,000. The FPDC collects summary information for approximately 17,000,000 smaller transactions.
"Federal Procurement & Grant Intelligence Center" - December 4, 2004 by Eagle Eye
This site contains the following types of information on federal spending for each state: top 10 agencies awarding contracts in each state, top 10 contractors awarded federal prime contracts in each state, top 10 small businesses awarded federal prime contracts in each state, and top 10 metropolitan areas awarded federal contracts in each state. Similar information is provided for federal grants. And if you go to the "Archives," you can also find Top 10 contractors by SIC code as well as useful tips and information.
"Glossary of Contracting Terms" - December 4, 2004 by Md
"Gov Exec Procurement Site" - December 4, 2004 by GovExec
Up-to-date procurement news, resources, and special reports.
"GSA Schedules" - December 4, 2004 by GSA
Under the GSA Schedules (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules and Federal Supply Schedules) Program, GSA establishes long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial firms to provide access to over four million commercial services and products that can be ordered directly from GSA Schedule contractors or through the GSA Advantage!®  online shopping and ordering system.
"How the Government Buys" - December 4, 2004 by SBA
Concise explanation of how the government does business.   Learn about IFBs, RFPs, and RFQs and how they work.
"Guidelines for the Use of Oral Presentations" - December 4, 2004 by Office of Procurement & Assistance Management
Provide practical guidance to the procurement professional in using oral presentation techniques in competitive procurements. Written from the governments perspective.
"Past Performance Information Retrieval System" - December 4, 2004 by PPIRS
PPIRS is a web-enabled, government-wide application that provides timely and pertinent contractor past performance information to the Federal acquisition community for use in making source selection decisions. PPIRS assists Federal acquisition officials make source selections by serving as the single source for contractor past performance data.
"Procurement Reference Library" - December 4, 2004 by NASA
"Procurement Virtual Library" - December 4, 2004 by US Treasury Site
This page contains powerful "hotlinks" to Federal Government Information and procurement opportunities on the Internet. From this Internet site you can link to departments and agencies throughout the government to retrieve agency information to include acquisition forecasts, announcements, solicitations, how-to guides, small business assistance information, plus federal acquisition regulations
"Professional Services Council" - December 4, 2004 by PSC
Founded in 1972, the Professional Services Council is acknowledged as the leader of the professional and technical services industry, the fastest growing sector in the government market. The Professional Services Council is also the only industry organization of its kind that focuses solely on the $130 billion government services market.
"Selling to the Military" - December 4, 2004 by DOD
This handbook is an introduction to the broad subject of contracting with agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). It is intended to be useful to those who manage the marketing efforts of small businesses, especially firms that have not previously had Government contracts. The handbook contains general information about contracting. It provides lists of products and services, keyed to particular major buying offices.
"Top 200 Government Contractors Fiscal 2002" - December 4, 2004 by GovExec
An annual ranking of the top 200 federal contractors by dollar volume of their awards from defense and civilian agencies.
"Proposal Checklist" - December 4, 2004 by Praxiis
Checklist for proposers to use as they prepare to compete for a government contract. The basics of this approach apply to any complex sales proposal process.
"Women-owned business gateway" - December 4, 2004

Gateway for Women-owned businesses selling to the Federal Government

"Presidents EGov Initiative" - December 4, 2004 by Whitehouse
"FedBizOps - Federal Porcurement Opportunities" - December 4, 2004 by fedbizops.gov
Government Contracting - Cost, Contract & Legal
"Government Contracts Law Report" - December 4, 2004 by GCLR
Many Links to acquisition/procurement regulations for defense and civilian agencies (FARS, DFARS, etc.)
"A Guide to Bid Protests" - December 4, 2004 by GAO
The laws and regulations governing federal contracting are designed to ensure that government procurements are conducted fairly and in a way that maximizes competition. This 1996 guide can be informative if you have reason to believe that a contract has been or is about to be awarded improperly or illegally, or if you believe you have been unfairly denied a contract or an opportunity to compete for a contract.
"Latest Bid Protests Decisions" - December 4, 2004 by GAO
Recent bid protest decisions handed down by the GAO.
"Cost Accounting Standards" - December 4, 2004 by ARNET
Cost Accounting Standards for Government Contractors as proscribed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations.
"Defense Contract Audit Agency" - December 4, 2004 by DCAA
The Defense Contract Audit Agency, under the authority, direction, and control of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), is responsible for performing all contract audits for the Department of Defense, and providing accounting and financial advisory services regarding contracts and subcontracts to all DoD Components responsible for procurement and contract administration. These services are provided in connection with negotiation, administration, and settlement of contracts and subcontracts. DCAA also provides contract audit services to some other Government Agencies. 
"DCAA Information for Contractors" - December 4, 2004 by DCAA
Information for Contractors, dated January 2003 and is in Adobe's PDF format Version 6.0.
"Government Forms " - December 4, 2004 by GSA Forms Library
The GSA Forms Library has all of the GSA Forms, Standard (SF) Forms, Optional (OF) Forms, and Other Forms. You can search for specific forms and sort them by number, title, or type. There's also software that you can download for filling in the forms.
"Preserving the Confidentiality of Information Submitted to the Government" - December 4, 2004 by Richard J. Conway & Bradley D. Wine
"Service Contract Act FAQ's" - December 4, 2004 by US DOL
The Service Contract Act applies to every contract entered into by the United States or the District of Columbia, the principal purpose of which is to furnish services in the United States through the use of service employees. Contractors and subcontractors performing on such Federal contracts must observe minimum wage and safety and health standards, and must maintain certain records, unless a specific exemption applies.
"Sample Teaming Agreement" - December 4, 2004 by Kilcullen, Wilson & Kilcullen
Government contracts are often won by teams of companies, each of which will have a portion of the awarded work. This is a sample of an agreement between team members.
"Indirect-Cost Management Guide (1998) ( Oct 2001 Internet update)" - December 4, 2004 by Defense Acquisition University
Government guide to indirect cost management, useful to a contractor. "Management in DoD has become increasingly concerned with broad-based increases in defense contractor indirect cost rates. The major factor is a significant reduction in the business base for most defense contractors because of the declining defense budget. The DoD has undertaken expanded effort to strengthen monitoring of indirect costs. This guide demystifies what many refer to as the "sea of overhead," and provides a complete overview of indirect-cost management. "
Homeland Security
"OGara Homeland Security Report" - May 0, 2003 by Scott Gould & Christian Beckner
"Homeland Security Home Page" - December 4, 2004 by US DHS
"Homeland Security Links" - December 4, 2004 by US DHS
"Immigration and Customs Enforcement, DHS’ largest investigative bureau" - December 4, 2004 by US DHS
Turnarounds, Workouts & Insolvency Solutions
"Lessons For Healthy Companies From The Turnaround Trenches" - January 2, 2004 by Peter Fitzsimmons
This article first appeared in Financier Worldwide Magazine's 2004 UK & European Restructuring and Insolvency review and was written by Peter Fitzsimmons, principal, AlixPartners LLC.


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