August 10, 2022  

 helps owners and managers of troubled businesses diagnose problems and create effective and timely solutions to heal their companies, restore profitability and ensure survival....

diagnoses and heals troubled companies.

Companies in trouble often end up there after a long and painful decline. No business owner wants to concede failure or an inability to command the forces around them that are essential to the perpetuation and success of the business. Unfortunately, delayed action typically only makes the pain and anguish worse.

Owners and managers of businesses in trouble, proud though they may be in spirit, are very emotionally connected to the enterprise and often watch as their company experiences the stages of death with a sense of helplessness, not realizing they need help, and if they do, not knowing where to get it. Denial by management that severe problems exist, anger at the discovery of problems for which there seems to be no solution, bargaining to reconcile the reality of the true situation with their expectations and promises to other stakeholders, depression over not being able to control what appears to be the inevitable downslide, and finally - when no solutions are found and the end is at hand - the death of the firm.

has the experience and expertise necessary to help you quickly regain control of a failing company. Following the Ten Commandments of a TurnaroundTM, we methodically prioritize necessary actions to reign in the crisis and restore order.

Starting with crisis management and intervention -- or interim executive placements -- we stop the hemorrhaging; deal with vendors, banks, tax authorities; and take charge of customer accounts receivable problems, litigation, disaster recovery, and organizational issues. Once the crisis is addressed, we restore profitable operations by leading organizational change and resolving major impediments to continued operations.

focuses on maximizing cash flow and making sure that essential control systems are put in place. Daily cash reviews, monthly and quarterly cash flow plans, management information alert processes, billing and collection management procedures are all put in place.

As we are bringing the crisis under control, we gather the necessary insight and information with which to formulate a clear short and long term strategic plan. Revenue stabilization, positive cash flow, restructuring secured and unsecured debt including trades, examining equity requirements, and undertaking the task of establishing alternate means of funding are essential components of the plan.

team members have been through this before. We know that decisive and prompt action is the key to helping you make the company well again. Ask us about the firms we have helped. You will see that there can be a positive outcome for your company.


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